Glimpse FAQs

What is Glimpse?

Glimpse is a private live streaming app for friends and family that makes it easy to instantly share live video with small private groups. No strangers allowed!

How is Glimpse different from a video call?

Video calls are so formal and pre-planned. Glimpse is all about being spontaneous and bringing your friends and family into the moment in a casual and informal way. Replays also ensure they’ll never miss out on the action!

What should I stream?

We created Glimpse to be a fun and instant way to share live experiences with your friends and family. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you on your way:

only thing we ask is that you abide by our community guidelines, so nothing illegal kids.

Is Glimpse available for Android?

At the moment Glimpse is only available on iOS mobile devices running iOS9 or above. We have plans to release an Android version.

Can I change my Username?

Yes! Tap the gear icon from the home screen and then navigate to the username field.

How do I add my friends?

You can add your friends from both your address book or by their username (if they’re already on Glimpse).

To add or invite friends, swipe right from the home screen or tap the (+) icon next to the heading ‘People’. When you invite people from your address book, they get an SMS message from you with a link to the app.

How do I start streaming?

Once you’ve added some friends, tap the people or group(s) you want to stream to from your home screen, add a title at the bottom of the screen and then tap “GO LIVE”. Simples!

Who can see my streams?

Only the people you select on the home screen, or add during the stream will be able to view the stream and watch the replay of the stream. So make sure you don’t broadcast that wild college party to your parents.

How will I know when my friends are streaming live?

Make sure you’ve enabled permission to receive notifications and we’ll let you know whenever your friend invites you to watch their stream. Likewise, your friends will receive a notification to their phone when you invite them to watch your stream.

Can I change the emoji I send during a stream?

You can indeed. Just tap and hold anywhere on the screen during a stream!

Can I share my location?

If you have given permission to share your location, this will be visible to everyone who watches your stream. There is an option to hide your location in the app settings.

Why can I only stream for 15 mins?

Live video is a highly engaging way to share cool, funny and random moments. Part of what makes this interesting for the viewer is not knowing what’s going to happen when they tune in. Adding a time limit encourages you to keep the content fresh and interesting. We’re also aware that recording video can incur large data charges if you’re not on a Wi-Fi connection and streaming for extended periods of time…we wouldn’t want that to happen to you :)

How do I know if my friends are watching live?

Their profile picture will have a green ring around it during the stream & you'll see a message on-screen that your friend has joined.

Can the person broadcasting see me?

No, you can see the broadcaster but they only see your profile picture which indicates you are watching them. You can interact with the broadcaster by commenting and using emojis.

Can I save my streams for those who missed them?

Yes, your streams are automatically saved for 48 hours, letting anyone who missed you live (from the people you invited) to catch the replay.

Can I save my stream to my phone?

Not at the moment, but this is something we’ll be looking to add in a future version.

Can I delete a saved stream?

Yes. From the home screen, swipe left to the activity screen. Under the heading ‘My Streams’ you’ll see all the streams you’ve created that haven’t yet expired. Tap the arrow icon in the top left of the replay thumbnail and then tap the ‘Delete’ button. Now no-one will be able to view the replay.

My stream isn’t working?

If you experience problems with streaming quality or connectivity, first check that you have a Wi-Fi or data connection. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try to restart the app. If all else fails, send us a message at and we’ll do our best to fix the issue.

Will streaming impact my battery life/data usage?

Similar to other live video apps, extended use of Glimpse can impact battery life and mobile data usage. We recommend using Glimpse on a Wi-Fi connection to avoid unforeseen data charges. We do not accept any liability for any data charges incurred through the use of the Glimpse app.

Can I stream without an internet connection?

Glimpse requires an internet connection to stream video to viewers in real-time.

How can I delete my account?

To stop using Glimpse, you can delete the app from your phone. If you want to completely remove your account please contact us at

None of the above answer your question?

Send us a message at